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Jim Price

Chief Executive Officer

Jim is the Chief Executive Officer of ICOMM, Inc.  Jim and his teams help clients better understand, select, and manage all aspects of telecommunications systems and services, including next-generation networks, mobile technologies and Telephony and UC technologies. Jim oversees all operational aspects of ICOMM, including TMA, ICOMM’s telecommunications management application suites, ICOMM’s IT and Telecom Expense Management services, the Telephony and UC support services, and ICOMM’s OnePay EPayment services and their telecommunications consulting services. 

Jim was a three-time President of the Board of TEMIA, the Telecommunications Management Industry Association, now called ETMA ( and served on the Association’s Ethics Committee.

Jim is very proud of ICOMM’s culture, developed over the last twenty plus years.  That culture is very much focused on cultivating ICOMM’s staff to provide the best service to its clients.  This is encompassed in ICOMM’s ICEPACK core values:

  • Integrity

  • Commitment

  • Enthusiasm

  • Persistence

  • Acceptance

  • Collaboration

  • Knowledge and Expertise

Living by these values creates a better work environment for the ICOMM teams, and provides a top-tier service level for ICOMM’s clients, helping ICOMM maintain client engagements and continuing to innovate and grow the ICOMM practice offerings.

To the right is a picture of Jim and his wife Susan's dog Finbar, who has passed away, but was the greatest dog who ever lived.  😃

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