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Hands-On Expense Management

Updated: Aug 17, 2021

A fully managed service approach to Telecom Expense Management (TEM).

We've heard all the TEM nightmare stories out there. Bad implementations, misleading offers, hidden costs.

But that’s not ICOMM’s TEM. ICOMM is different.

To have a successful TEM initiative, you must have two things: a great application suite to process invoices, manage inventories and produce reports; and a dedicated staff that really understands telecom.

Which is exactly what ICOMM provides. ICOMM's TEM services have helped numerous clients:

  • Save money

  • Focus on their core business and strategic IT functions

  • Create efficiencies within the telecommunications, sourcing and AP functions of their environments

  • Understand how their enterprise uses Telecommunications and how best to leverage it for a competitive advantage.

How ICOMM's Expense Management Services Help You

The ICOMM Audit Process resolves billing issues with the vendor and provides cost reduction recommendations tailored to your business. ICOMM places orders and manages any necessary disputes on our clients’ behalf to ensure the savings are achieved.

IVPS (Invoice Validation and Payment Service) takes the guesswork out of those complex telecommunications invoices. We verify each rate and service against your contract, your inventory and your MACD activity to ensure that you are paying what you should, and we pursue any credits due to billing errors. And then we code the invoice into an unloadable file for your AP system, so that allocations are validated for each and every charge.

Accruals, Forecasting, Budget and Usage Reports give our clients access to the big data behind their telecom spending and inventory. Our easy-to-understand reports cover how you’re using communications technologies, how spend is being managed, and what proactive steps are being put in place to maximize those investments.

ICOMM's SS0-Compliant, Hierarchical User Portal Dashboard

Carrier and IT Vendor Contract Negotiations ensures that you’ll contracts will have great rates and customer-focused terms and conditions across a myriad of IT and telecom-related services. With our current market benchmarking and unbiased objectivity, we are able to evaluate vendor bids, make an informed recommendation, and help finalize contract quickly to maximize their benefit to our clients.

ICOMM’s Telecom Management Application Suite (TMA) is a vital tool for providing a complete inventory of voice and data services, equipment and costs, order tracking, incident management and monthly spend reporting. TMA is a cloud-based application suite that makes our process as efficient as possible, while delivering an extremely accurate invoice review, and a complete inventory and understanding of all the components that make up our clients’ telecom environments.

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