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ICOMM and Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS)

Our experienced technicians build and manage a UCaaS environment that fits your needs.

Consulting Services

ICOMM helps dozens of clients each year decide what changes may make sense within their enterprise Telephony environments. From needs assessments, to vendor benchmarking, RFIs and RFPs, vendor selection and contract negotiations, ICOMM assists our clients through the entire process.

ICOMM’s experience in supporting these environments helps our consultants guide clients through the strategy, design and selection process. Then, ICOMM assists in contract execution, ensuring that the most important issues are fully addressed and that a selection is fully vetted, logical and stands up to review. This ensures that all stakeholders are satisfied with the final decision and contract.

Implementation Services

Although many UCaaS providers have project implementation teams, you need to keep in mind two things:

  1. They still need to be managed as a vendor

  2. There is a lot of information, decisions, coordination and testing that the customer needs to do in conjunction with such an implementation

ICOMM plays both of those roles for our clients. From telecom inventory data gathering, order placement and project management, to testing, billing cleanup and contract validation, ICOMM’s analysts know how to make sure that your implementation goes as smoothly as possible.

Telecom Managed Services

Even if you end up with one vendor, you still need a help desk that has voice expertise, a team that understands voice and collaboration MACD, analysts that can help you contact centers with reporting and script design issues, and a team that can ensure that the chosen vendor lives up to their SLAs. You need a help desk that doesn’t just blame “the network” for quality issues, but one that own tickets until they are cleared and closed. This is how ICOMM’s Telecom Managed Service group approaches every client engagement.

The History

ICOMM believes that voice services are still an incredibly important service within your enterprise today. After all, you still need to have dial tone that’s always available.

ICOMM has been providing consulting services and outsourced support for enterprise telephony environments for over twenty years, and have been providing those same services for “converged” technologies for fifteen years! The evolution from old school PBXes to computer-based telephony to hosted services to true cloud-based telephony has been painful for many enterprises. But there are design and support principles all along that can ensure that the voice services an enterprise needs to deliver will be there all the time.

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