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Telecom and IT Audits and Contract Support Services

Updated: Aug 24, 2021

ICOMM telecommunications cost recovery services identify wrongful charges in your telephony, data, equipment, maintenance, VOIP, SDWAN, or wireless service bills. Our team performs a detailed review of all telecommunications bills for potential errors, researches, and identifies alternative plan options, and other cost saving measures.

Our deep telecommunications experience also helps identify special pricing, terms, or other factors that could lower your bill in your future contract cycles. Reach out to a member of our team to learn how we help you optimize your telecom bill.

During a IT or Telecom Cost Recovery Audit, ICOMM performs a comprehensive review of telecommunications bills for the past three months for all known carriers, analyzing contracts, and pricing agreements in effect. We compile our findings in a report that includes recommendations for process improvements, and cost recovery opportunities.

Should we find overcharges, we help you recover what is owed to you through credits from your telecommunications provider. We will also help you develop an implementation plan to make any needed process adjustments. This is conducted based on data provided and is analyzed through ICOMM’s proprietary technology.

Areas Under Review

In the telecom space, ICOMM will conduct an in-depth audit of the following services and works with our client to determine the appropriate scope within each engagement.

  • Local (Business Lines, PRIs, Internet, Toll-Free, Usage)

  • Long Distance (PRIs, Toll-Free, Usage)

  • Data (WAN, MPLS, Internet, Private Lines)

  • Wireless (Plan Management, Equipment, Features)

  • Maintenance & Equipment

A Comprehensive and Detailed Review, including:

  • A survey to identify the carriers, and the employees/sites using each carrier.

  • A comprehensive inventory of telephony and data services and usage per line per carrier under a contract or pricing agreement.

  • Identification of the cellular telephone lines and usage per line per carrier under a contract or pricing agreement

  • Identification of the cellular telephone lines and usage per line per carrier not under a contract or pricing agreement but reimbursed.

  • Identification of wireless communications services usage and the devices being used (iPhones, Android devices, other Smart phones, and other Mobile Devices)

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